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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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very comfortable, as women, you know, one of those days where you may want to dress in layers. you start the morning off on little cool note t warms up nicely later in the day. you can shed the extra layer, more like shorts, t-shirts weather. storm scan3, totally imitate. looking at the area temperatures, yes little cooler than we normally would seep, than normally seen in recent days. yesterday, it was pretty much on par with this. currently at 64 in philly, 57 in atlantic city, calm wind everywhere. and you're flirting with the 40 eights this morning in mount pocono. now, that said, if you're in maybe one of the more remote suburban school district, ride to school may be little cooler than 66 degrees, so again, through maybe just step out the door, gauge thousand feels to you. but you have temperatures anywhere from mid 60s to the mid 50's to start the morning off. by lunchtime already flirting with or hitting 80 degrees, around the region. and the ride home promises to be nice warm afternoon. soap, it is another beautiful day. a little taste of fall though it is going to warm up to bit above average. that real taste of fall does come by week's end, and i'll
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explain just how cool it will get coming up later in the show, meisha, over to you. >> you have to enjoy these 80s while we've got them, katie. my gosh, already thinking about the kids with the mid ends and boots and -- >> don't go there. >> sorry, my mind went there. i freaked out. all right, thank you so much, katie. look being outside, art museum, gorgeous shot here at eakin oval. talking about up at the desk, just waking up with us, the president will hold a rally today at eakin's oval. because that far there are road closures that will affect your commute. highlighted here ike inches oval, where it will all take place, where the bulk of all of the closures will be, as women. so let's talk about a couple of bullet points you want to know headed out the door, starting 6:00 a.m., lane restrictions shall curb lanes of the oval. right about now this will start. starting 7:00 a.m., kelly drive detour at fairmount avenue. also at 7:00mlk drive and spring garden traffic detoured on to the drive. 9:00 a.m. entire area surrounding and leading into eakin's oval will be closed
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throughout the day. make note of. that will and also you guys, switching gears from this, also an accident at south before ridley park. left lane still compromised. jim, brooke, busy morning indeed already. >> thank you so much, meisha. in a that the err of hours president obama will be if philadelphia encouraging people as meisha said to vote for hillary clinton. >> meantime clinton making the rounds explaining why she didn't tell everyone she was sick with pneumonia. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live on eakin oval where today's democrat rally is happening. good morning, jan. >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, a lot to talk about today. i want to start off real quick with the traffic. flowing freely right now, as meisha mentioned, it will be very difficult to get around this part of center city today. lane restrictions around eakin's oval have already taken effect, went into effect at 6:00 a.m. this morning, then the entire area including all of the lanes leading into the oval area close at 9:00. president alabama lands in philly 1:00 this afternoon,
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the event at the oval start at 2:00. >> eakin's oval, the center of campaign 2016 today, the stage is set and seats in place for president barack obama. symptomming in philadelphia for the clinton-cane ticket. his focus the economy and voter registration. eyes are still on hillary, her health and her transparency this morning, the democratic candidate remains side lined from the campaign trail today as she recovers from pneumonia. on sunday she this had to leave a 9/11 certainly, sell phone video called her stumbling and being helped into a van by secret service. speak to go cnn last night, clinton said she never passed out but did feel dizzy. she said her doctors had told her to rest for five days but she thought she would power through, and what you saw was the end result. now the clinton campaign is promise to go release more of her medical records following this bought of pneumonia. clinton has been criticized for not disclosing her illness soonerment diagnosed on friday, but not make that public until sunday. she says she didn't think it
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was going to be such a big deal. >> if it happens to you and you're a busy active person, you keep moving forward. and you know, i think it is fair to say, anderson, that people know more about me than almost anyone in public life. >> meantime republican candidate donald trump is also making a stop in the delaware valley today. he had a cents got a private event in aspen, delaware county. yesterday those trump spent time on the campaign trail defending his supporters, clinton taking heat for describing some of the supporters, as a quote basket up deplorables. >> well, my own pope end slanders you as deplorable, and irredeemable, i saul you hard-working american patriots who love your country and want a better life for your people. >> trump said he had a physical last week prepared to release the results as soon as the number comes in. back out here on the parkway,
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with the president's visit, do expect a traffic mess out here, keep to up date with all of the detours at cbs-3 and cbs3 "eyewitness news", and meisha will keep you up-to-date on the closed routes, as well. , back to you. >> thanks, jan. former president bill clinton says his wife hillary clinton is doing fine while she recovers from pneumonia. >> there are more health issues if is a mystery. he sat down with cbs this morning charlie rose. >> she is on grueling campaign. >> yes. >> what's that like? and older than you were when you ran. >> and she has had two and a half hard days before the day when she got dizzy. >> rose interviewed the 42nd president before the clinton foundation final clinton global initiative conference. >> and you can see more of charlie rose's interview with former president bill clinton on cbs this morning, it starts at 7:00 here on cbs-3. >> just when you thought it was getting better septa
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regional rail ride remembers dealt another setback. all septa silver liner five cars are out of service again. some of them had been repaired but now septa says the fix has a flaw. the problem involves the new bolts used to repair the cars. rider say they appreciate septa's concern for their safety. >> i'll be in location with them. as long as i'm safe. that's the main thing. >> want to make sure their riders are safe. so have to do what you have to do. >> septa officials say this recent discovery sets things back just a few days, not weeks or months. still if you ride the regional rails, expect more delays. police in hamilton township mercer county plan to release information later this morning on violent overnight crash. eyewitness video shows the fiery scene at south broad street and west park avenue in hamilton township. an eyewitness says a van was being chased last night by police when it hit a car. then caught fire. the car hit an utility pole. there is no word on the
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injuries. six people are in the hospital this morning after this roll over accident in west philadelphia. "eyewitness news" was at 59th and sansom street around 1:13 last night. the car also hit several parked cars, police say, no word yet on the victim's condition. well there is morning, investigators are trying to figure out what happened the moment before two year old boy was shot in milford bucks county. boy would later die of those injuries. this all happened on kumari road at the boy's grandparents home. investigators were called at around 11:30 yesterday morning, the toddler has been identified as benjamin austin smith. >> trooper on scene, you know, a two year old, so nothing like this is that much more difficult. >> right now police are trying to figure out if the boy got ahold of the gun and shot himself. camden county authorities have charged clementon man with downloading hundreds of videos of child sex abuse and using his neighbor's wifi to
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do so. gloucester township police say lewis lasalle used wireless router to connect to his neighbor's unsecured wifi to download and distribute more than 700 videos, and 33,000 images on his laptop. police say the neighbors were not involved but cyber security attorney lisa garber reveals you should have password protected wifi to stop would be hackers. >> unfortunately the older generation is certainly a target for hackers like this. because they may not be under standing what kind of technology they are putting in place, sets you up to be extremely vulnerable. >> she said use a password not usually guessable, use software that it can monitor the traffic on your network, and set a limited range to your wifi. >> water safety renz growing after the discovery of lead in the water at rowan university. eight buildings including several dorms had lead levels above federal standards. old pipes on campus are believed to be the blame. the university has told
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students and employees not to drink the water until further testing is completed. >> like every day-to-day life. >> it is annoying, because pay so much for tuition, we shouldn't have to deal with that. >> meantime university is giving out bottled water for those who live on campus. still ahead, itt tech student left high and dry when the college closed earlier this month, will get some help today from another college in our area. find out where next. >> plus, jonbenet ramsey's brother burke breaks his silence for the first time since the little girl was murdered 20 years ago. hear what he tells doctor phil in a exclusive interview. >> colin kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem young get, but not the only nfl player to protest, that story coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> new report on how the sugar industry manipulated research to down play the health
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hazards. that's coming up in health watch. stay with us. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> everything back to normal at newark airport. >> outages led to delays averaging 60 to 90 minutes for united customersment some travelers reported delays of more than two hours, although
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everything is back to normal, people are always advised to check their flight status. >> happening today, chance for former itt tech student don't get back to school. >> community college of philadelphia is offering a special enrollment day. the student were left without a school when all four locations of itt tech in our area closed earlier this month. >> ccp says financial aid and other opportunities will be explained from 9:00 to 5:00 today. the former itt tech student can get started at cccp in october. >> so katie what's on tap today for weather. >> look being like a beautiful day overall yet again, guys, off to little cool start specially outlying suburbs, but nice dry day with full sunshine, you know, we could actually use the rain at this point. it doesn't appear as though we'll see any deluge coming our way any time soon. last day we had measurable rain was september 1st. a matter of a week and a half or so. and we are at this point so far this month only clocking in at just shy of half inch worth of rain. so it has been somewhat of a
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dry start to the month of september. and then we continue to keep it dry all across the northeast united state. meanwhile, there is a cold front that's eventually going to be crossing through here, but even that doesn't look like it may bring much in the way of again drenching rain to help give the grass and the flowers a good drink. meantime we do have storm system out over the middle part of the atlantic ocean, now tropical storm ian, expected thankfully to stay well out to sea will take more of a northerly track before it gets skirted off to eastern the north most branch of the atlantic here, not threat at this point to any land, or even atlantic canada. east coast looks pretty good and in the clear at this point too. nice and warm today in the sunshine, hit 84 degrees, beautiful start to the day already. we will warm up with ease, first pitch forecast looks good. another nice evening for baseball. pirates are still in town. clear sky for you under the sunshine, at least initially, 76 is that first pitch temperature. again we expect to bottom out into the 60s later tonight. tomorrow the hottest day of the pack. zero nine, little more humid
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at that point too, expect potential spore shower or thunderstorm tomorrow evening or night then thursday and friday feels like fall for couple days before we rebound this weekend. >> yep, 70s coming back, all right, katie, thank youment looking outside, you guys, do have an accident, still lingering around there, see the tractor-trailer right there. this is 95 south before ridley park. left lane would compromise looks lick it is moving out the way now, hopefully won't slow you down too much. basically what you are looking at both moving in the southbound and northbound side, and it looks like we got some activity right there, as well. so again, sun, starting to come up little bit, and we are seeing some slow downs. ninety-five south at cottman, different place on 95, 95 moving in the southbound direction at cottman, see as you try to make your way toward center city how slow that's looking, schuylkill eastbound at center city another area not actually eastbound site not looking that bad. but look over at the westbound side, that is really where we're starting to heat up just little bit. and take a lock at the vine, the westbound side of the vine here, approaching the schuylkill, has been really busy, all morning long, it
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usually is, especially now, as we push into the 6:00. this is abnormally starting earlier than what we typically see, just heads up on that for those of you headed out to the vine looking busy. a lot more coming up. first we will take a break, stay where you are, "eyewitness news" will
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the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead. no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> from the press of atlantic city city firefighters douse
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add house fire, wissahickon avenue, the two story home appeared to be under renovation, fire officials say none one was injured in the blaze. on the front page of the intelligence ers, montgomery county is without a voter service director with just eight weeks remaining before the presidential election. kelly green quit friday. resignation will have no impact on the upcoming election, for now, the county's chief operating officer will oversee the operations of the office which includes 14 full time employees. >> fourteen state universities have volt today authorize a strike, although a strike will be their last resort. association of state college and university faculties reps about 5500 faculty and coaches. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> colin kaepernick and eric read once again take a knee during the national anthem. >> this time it happened
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during the san francisco 49ers season opener against the los angeles rams. now, no other 49ers joined in the protest last night, although, rams defensive quinn and brit held fists up during the anthem. kaepernick as you may recall received feedback in protest of police brutality and racial oppression in the united states. right now, local high school football team is going to join the nfl players in flare protest. at woodrow wilson high school in camden the football coach in all but two football players them during the national anthem during the season opener. that will interview with our sister radios station wpht, coach preston brown said the team which is predominantly black with several hispanic players is not bashing police or disrespects servicemen and women. he also says they plan to do this again at this week's game coming up: american heart association hads a message for parents about what they feed to protect their firm.
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>> plus guys who build cool stuff. that's their motto, and our pat gallen is taking you inside this local business to see what it is all about. >> and you know what today looks to be another real nice day in the delaware valley, more sunshine for you out, there we can expect eventually though a return to summer and the taste of fall. it all happens in the next couple of days. full forecast for you coming
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> welcome back, 20 years since the murder of jonbenet ramsey and now her brother is breaking his silence. part one of doctor phil's interview with burke, burke was nine at the time of her murder. despite being cleared by dna evidence, many people still speculate that jonbenet's parent or burke, the only people inside the home that night, could be responsible for the little girl's death. here is some of doctor phil's interview. >> somebody eventually told you jonbenet has been kidnapped? >> not kidnapped, missing. >> who told that you? >> i remember a detective or something coming in and interviewing me, he told me. >> were you scarred for jonbenet yet? >> i think i was trying to be positive. >> do you remember them asking you if you knew what happened to your sister? >> i told the guy uh, you
6:25 am
know, she is probably hiding somewhere, did you check the whole house, maybe she is outside. >> now today doctor phil will continue his interview with burke and share some never before seen tapes of burke being interviewed by psychologist just 13 days after his sister's murder, you can see that today at 4:00 right here on cbs-3. >> in this morning's health watch, new revelations about the role of shoeing in coronary heart disease. new report is suggesting sugar industry funded research to cast doubt on sugar health hazards, instead, pointed to fat and cholesterol as main risk factors for heart disease. now, experts around the world are looking at sugar as the main cause of heart disease. the report also highlight the importance of having medical research free of conflicts of interest. >> and, the american heart association is urge ago zero tolerance approach when it comes to children and secondhand smoke. about 40% every kids expose today secondhand smoke. doctors warn it can harm their
6:26 am
heart health. damaged blood vessels and may shorten their life expectancy. >> well, the nation's top indoor sky divers are showing their stuff at a competition in texas. >> they are actually hoping to make it to the sports world cup. fans of indoor sky diving call it exhilarating and addictive. sky divers flip and float around at 11 different events that you can't do on the ground. by the way the world cup competition is in poland next month. >> sign me up. >> what? >> that looks fun. you wouldn't do that? >> you know i wouldn't do that. >> i know, but i would. coming up in the next half our of "eyewitness news", olympic swimmer ryan lochte is trending on twitter for a whole new reason. >> excuse me, excuse me. >> protesters interrupt a live tv broadcast trying to rush ryan lochte on stage. hear what he has to say about it. >> plus, looking live at eakins oval. the stage is set for president obama to rally for hillary clinton. meisha, i know it will impact commuters in the area.
6:27 am
>> yep it absolutely will, you guys, not to mention it is really going to impact your driver because after accident on the schuylkill and the detours that is demanding. all of the updates coming up. first we'll take a quick break, stay right where you are, cbs-3, "eyewitness news" will b
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>> it is a beautiful morning, but katie tracking changes on the way. >> find out when heat and humidity return, when we have our next chance of rain. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. it is 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> a lot of activity will be picking up here in a matter of a couple of hours. president barack obama arrives in philadelphia around 1:00. expected to talk about clinic clinton and the economy.
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>> my train now runs once every hour. >> people who rely on septa regional rail service are dealt another setback. all septa silver liner five cars are out of service again. >> so many feelings are going through my head right now, little hurt. >> protesters interrupted live television and stormed the stage after dancing with the stars performance. lochte's dancing partner said she was shocked but beyond proud of him. >> don't you ever for one minute think you're irreplaceable. >> well, if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it. >> ya. who ran the world? >> girl. >> did you see what they were doing there? >> that was gordan and meg ryan and adam scott in a soap opera comprised every beyonce he's lyrics on the late late
6:32 am
show. >> i think more acting lesson. i don't think he has the stair yet. >> no? >> katie, dot soap opera stair, please. >> i can't do it very well. my soap opera stairs are like -- crazy eyes. >> we know jim and meisha have it down though. >> down. >> well, folks, looking ahead here to pleasant day, little cloud cover out there right now, but comfortable start, and we are expecting to see more sun than anything throughout the course of the day. let me show you what's up out there. start it off with quick check of storm scan, remains empty. if you look really closely, and do you have to look very closely, there is a very thin vale of cloud cover that shows up on the satellite. it is tough to pinpoint. but it is out there. and certainly when you look out the window see that too. regardless though, we do have nice dry air mass in place, 61 the current dew point temperature, so it is still pretty low dew point. and it is not feeling all that uncomfortable at all. it will stay that way throughout the course of the day. currently our area temperatures are anywhere from the mid or low 60s into the
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mid or low 50's, and ya, depending where you are, offer to bit of cool start out there. as the day progresses, we do expect we are going to see more sun than anything. we do expect we will warm up little bit more readily than we did yesterday. all building warmth in advance of what eventually will be our next cold front passage, and we continue to steam into tomorrow. that said, expecting heat, humidity to build with time. eventually little taste every fall down the road. i'll time it all out coming up. >> katie, thank you. and i can tell you right now you guys that it is a busy tuesday morning, first, there is a president coming to philly. it can be closing down. what you see right now, an accident, car, sandwich between a truck and the rail. schuylkill eastbound past girard. you guys, all lanes are blocked right now. one area where you do not want to see all lanes block right before 7:00 around 6:30 or so is this area, and this is where we have it, again, all lanes are blocked because of this accident. schuylkill eastbound, past
6:34 am
girard, i'll show you back upshot. this is at montgomery drive. take a look particulars everyone that drove up to this, they are completely stopped, now we go little bit back a little bit further past city avenue. this is the schuylkill eastbound, heading toward around city avenue area. you can see that it is completely stopped. all of these travelers, real now where to go, now, take a look at this, you can take mlk or kelly drive. but you will only be able to take that until 7:00 a.m. because the president's arrival, all of that will start closing down as well. they have about 30 minute, to try to get that cleared up. otherwise, everyone just sandwiched in there. jim, a mess. back over to you. >> thank you, meisha a president obama as you said will be in philly today drumming up support for hillary clinton. his visit comes as clinton recovers from pneumonia. this is live look at work being done at eakins oval. president obama scheduled to land in philly around 1:00. his rally on the art museum steps begins at 2:00. but as meisha just said, traffic restrictions are
6:35 am
already in place, so the president already expected to encourage pennsylvania voters to register ahead of the october 11 deadline. and closer view of the set up at the oval. crews have been working through the night. see the stage, seating really taken shape for the president's visit. now if you plan to attend today, get early start. pack some patience. former president bill clinton meanwhile is pinch hitting for his wife hillary in beverly hymns. democratic nominee again resting from, and recovering from pneumonia, south to deal with the fall out by calling into cnn, insisting she was feeling much better. she also said she didn't think the diagnosis would be a big deal. meanwhile donald trump will be in aspen for private event this evening. we are now down to 55 days until americans go to the polls. stay with "eyewitness news", and for continuing coverage. if you were watching last night's live telecast, dancing with the stars, you probably heard an off camera commotion. >> excuse me, hey, back off.
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>> what you didn't see was two men wearing anti-lochte t-shirts, rushing the stage, after the olympic swimmer's performance. security detained, police took them into custody. lochte criticized since claiming he and three teammates were robbed at a gas station in rio, of course, rio police say this was a lie. he had this to say though after the incident. >> a little hurt. but, you know, i came out here. i wanted to do something that i'm completely not comfortable with. and i did. and i came out here with a big smile. and i had the best dance partner. >> los angeles police say the two men arrested on suspicion of criminal trespassing. >> well, after a relatively quiet summer, investigators are facing a bumm year september. so this morning, we will take a look at moving markets, how you should invest a mid continued volatile at this. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger live from new york with some advice. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> soap, let's talk about what's going on with the stock market. >> i know it is a little bit
6:37 am
up and down. friday the dow down 400 points, yesterday up over 200 points. well, let's start with the first part. the recent jitters have been attributed to few fed officials who have been hinting that the improving economy may justify an interest rate increase as soon as next week fed meeting. now, previously, said to be little doubt that the fed would actually wait until the december meeting. still, most believe december's were likely, yesterday another fed official saying that, a, we don't -- doesn't look like we will do anything right now. the markets up and down. just in the last two sessions, acknowledge that the most recent rise in stock prices, basically, in the last few months, that that rise has occurred not because the economy is humming along, and companies are making a lot of money. rather, the buying has been a a sign that big investors feel with interest rates solo, stocks are the only assets that can deliver potential gain. now, if that's why stocks are
6:38 am
higher, they may be over valued. >> jill, shall sides taking a drama mean to deal with the ups and downs, what else should investors do? >> you know what i'm going to say? diversified asset allocation game plan. here is something that i real think is an action item. if you have not rebounds your accounts, in more than three month or so, just do it right now. also, be sure that your cash holdings are sufficient to pay any big bills that are due within the next year. and also, if you have adequate emergency funds available. that's six to 12 months worth of expenses for those of you who still are working, 12 to 24 months, i know, it is a big number, for anyone who is retired. given that this week marks the eighth anniversary of the financial crisis, remember, sudden portfolio moves can be hazardous to your long-term retirement plan. for more on managing the september swings, go to jill on money. com. thanks, jill.
6:39 am
well, new this morning, a chance at a great new photo op in old city. >> you can post five revolutionary war cannons weren't there yesterday. the five cans on actually saw action during the american revolution. now, they were installed overnight in the outdoor plaza of the new museum of the american revolution. >> the museum will be at third and chestnut. of course an important destination therefore history buffs. >> i'm sure will become an icon, a landmark for identifying the museum, and just kind of put things together here in the district. >> the outdoor plaza at the museum of the american revolution opens this thursday. the museum opens in april. so, did you know that better balance means better health? well, coming up: doctor rob, with five things you can do to improve your balance. >> plus this. >> i'm pat gallen, and i'm hanging out with the guys that make cool stuff. we're here at oak found dray. find out what it is that they
6:40 am
do next. >> ♪ >> and mama said she wanted a snack. but she fell asleep before her son could bring it to her. and now, his reaction has gone viral. see what he did, coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪
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(group of local guys using their brains to think of fun and exciting ideas for companies. >> in fact, here to tell us all about it, patrick? >> of course i am. so, inventing, innovating, designing, building just having fun. that's because they're working with companies locally, nationally, to help their brands think bigger. >> a group every decks he will university graduates live and work by great slogan. we make cool stuff.
6:44 am
what exactly is that cool stuff? as founder mark explains, it can really be any idea. they do it all. >> custom sign and, custom racks, shelving units, custom giant doors, any kind of stuff, wood, metal, welding, cutting, finishing, all that we can do right here. >> in their small shop, the work of the men and call engineers/designers featured in many local and national establishment. >> of course working on stuff for steven star, custom candle stepping holders in a restaurant in new york. >> grub hub, two events they're having in boston, and then also burt's bees, made real cool big old reclaimed wood sign for them, packed it with grocery, went up to i think having event in new york. >> also finished huge project for main lobster company complete with sign and, netting, mini buoy's. speaking of cool stuff, check out this fan which displays
6:45 am
any message would you like, include i couldn't leave until i got my hand dirty because i'm all about making cool stuff. >> look, look. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> what's next for oak found dray? always looking to expand ton their ideas. >> what's the coolest snuff it will be these wacky activation cents. take business there, a lot of fun to do. we love our shop in bensalem. need to blowout that wall, make it five times as big, yes, that's the idea. >> these guys do it all, have to love the slogan, we build cool stuff. locally also helped bring ideas to life for companies like philadelphia, green grove farm, nick's reading market, philadelphia pretzel company among many other. can you tell what they love
6:46 am
what they do. thanks you for taking me behind the scenes set up. >> i love the combination between the metal and the wood, industrial kind of stuff. >> guys much, much smarter than me. >> thanks, we appreciate t check this out. dance troop from the united states performing death defying moves, the dance remembers secured by safe is he ropes while dangling from mountainside in china. >> the vertical dance performance focused on harmony between humans and nature. many tourists visiting the mountains say they enjoyed the show. >> i enjoy that from the comfort of the ground. >> exactly. >> with a seatbelt. >> wow, that is impressive. ill absolutely agree. you know what, guys, we turn the folk us to werth, things very tranquil on our side. we're really look ahead to pleasant weather. outside, some spots right now, that's going to start to thin out with time. now that the sun is starting rise over the horizon looking at area temperatures, courtesy
6:47 am
of eyewitness weather watch err, pair of five's at this hour, coming into us from kerry mt. laurel. 55 degrees, she is calling it an awesome morning though, very, very comfortable beginning, she is looking ahead to pretty great day. let's look further south. haven't touched on delaware yet this morning, go into our 59 degrees temperature reading coming in from vase son, he, too, seeing full sunshine, 59 degrees, cooler days, let's take advantage of them, nice to you know thankfully not have to deal with the air conditioner maybe quite as often. and, as we switch gears here, we switch the map, go on out to storm scan3, things quiet. high pressure still on our side here. that will will hook us up with more nice weather today and for the better part of tomorrow. this approaching system, lead edge of the of the next frontal boundery works its way in, next shot for wet weather. here is the thing. looks like brunt of the energy with this, at least the moisture, will bypass us, and run to the north. so tomorrow evening, notice your time stamp here, 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. that right now looks like it may be our best shot to
6:48 am
actually see any wet weather out of the front. looks what happens. we go with few additional hours later. just starts to fizzle away. we are going to see the cooler drier air take effect its wakes, may not see much wet weather out of this. could use a soaking rain. but regardless, still bodes well if you have outdoor plans, after school activities are a go, not going to need the umbrella in the days ahead although tomorrow is a hot one, more steamy one too, 09 degrees, then back to little taste of fall for couple every days, we flirt only with 80 on thursday and friday. and we keep that sun around looks like even headed into the weekends, meisha? >> all right, katie. take a look at this. you guys? if you are in your home, making a cup of coffee. come to your tv sets, look at this, live chopper three over an accident right now schuylkill eastbound past girard. vehicle completely sandwiched between the truck and the guards rail. trial to -- trying to get this out of the way. while they're trying to get this out of the way, all lanes are blocked. and they have been. guess what? at this time when they block all lanes on the schuylkill,
6:49 am
when there is that many vehicles, out on the roadways, this is going to cause absolute chaos. and they are a lot of vehicles stuck in this right now. this is back upshot montgomery drive. see this, not even moving, already pigeon in there. and also, when they try to make a u-turn, some people are driving the opposite, the wrong way, down this ramp trying to get out of this mess. take a look at this. another back upshot, past city avenue, affecting the boulevard as well. you can try to take alternate right now. but all of the alternates even those taking illegal u-turn i can tell you right now completely jammed. brooke, back over to you. >> thanks, meisha a6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning, nora o'donnell joins us live with a preview. good morning, nora. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, brooke, ahead charlie's conversation with former president bill clinton. he talks about hillary clinton's health, what the clinton foundation is doing it avoid mixing charity with politics, and why he thinks the presidential race is so close. plus only on cbs this morning,
6:50 am
the president and the ncaa mark em rhett here in studio 57. he'll explain the decision to move event out of north carolina show you how keep ion batteries can lead to dangerous explosion, the news is back in the morning, see in you just about ten minutes. >> thanks, nora. >> all right, part of staying healthy, can be a balancing act, literally. from preventing falls to pe texting your posture, maintaining good physical balance, to help with flexability, and better mobility as we age. that's why jim is leer with today's what's up doc segment, and a look at improving your balance. how is your balance? >> mentally unbalanced. brooke, thank you. >> being honest. >> yes, there are stuff you can take to stay steady on your feet, family fixation doctor rob dan off here with some advice on balance our health. good morning, doctor rob. >> morning. >> well, it is really important, to meet the person who says they're clumsy, they bruce, they fall, especially as we get older, and get like
6:51 am
broken bones, hip fractures, anibal one of the core, as far as keeping fit and healthy. balance endurance, strength, and flexibility. >> how can you tell if you're having balance problems? >> they lose their ball, might fall over one side, broken bones, bruises, they might feel dizzy, you know, from sudden movement. so, balance is really key to every day life. >> can it also if you're off balance, that can also lead to other issues? maybe sign that there is something definitely wrong there? >> absolutely, there is many reasons for it. it could be muscle strength t could be inner ear problems, or perhaps your blood pressure going low or your heart is irregular. so balance is the key. if we find ourselves out of balance, and we get up, try to walk, or say stand on tiptoes, go up and downstairs, get up from a chair, if we lose our balance, something could be wrong. it is important to talk to your doctor. >> i remember i had ann err ear infection once, i went to tie my shoe and nearly passed out. i thought i had to get to the
6:52 am
doctor. >> horrible feeling. we often take balfour granted because our body adjusts automatically going up, going down, but something if we're off kilter it is something that should be check. >> the show us a test right now? >> why. >> what do we have here? >> i know your area good at balance. one of the simple wages to do it if you're out of balance might wand to hold against a wall. simple thing, lift un one -- lift up one leg. can you stand on one leg for 102nd? >> yes, i can. >> and chew gum while doing this, as well, and play the harmonica. >> so i should have brought in a harmonica here is the other thing, walk on your tow for 20 seconds. simple things we can check on. if you are table do that. now the other one. >> after cocktail hour. >> there you go, perfect. >> very good. >> and just walk in a straight line, by looking straight ahead. these are things for balance. and you're really good with that. also, i notice, you were very flexible before. but a lot of people cannot do. >> this they go to the side. but you can train your body to get better balance. i tell you why, just getting up from a chair, going up and
6:53 am
downstairs, if you're off balance, it can lead to falls. and specially as we get older, eyesight may not be as women, our inner ear, our strength, our muscle strength, that can lead to falls. >> how can we improve it though? >> one of the first thing, body posture, you know how some slump over, balance over your feet. other thing you can do of course while doing that strengthen your lower leg muscles, walking if you are able to physically walk, that's a great way to strengthen your balance, and muscles. now, the other thing is if you do some back electric raises, you know, go back and forth like this, or you go off to the side, jim. if you haven't done this before hold ton a wall while you do it, these are exercise taz may help. look at this guy. >> i'm like a gymnast. >> you are. but a lot of people cannot do. that will as we get older we get clumsy adult, and it is because we are are losing balance. look at all of the people with walkers, and canes. they need it for their balance. well, if we can help them
6:54 am
strengthen their core muscles, and their flexibility, and you're never too old to do this, they will be healthier, less prone to fall and injury. >> good advice, thank you, doctor rob. we will be back in just a few minutes with three to go. >> there you go, balance. look at this. ready for the olympics. buy online. ready in an hour. weren't you it. staples. make more happen. they're all gone. i know i bought them. well staples has low prices. if i were you, i'd grab a couple more... for next week. back to school or back for more.
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president obama is campaigning for hillary clinton in philadelphia today. he'll be speaking at eakin's oval. >> septa ride kearse expect more delays all of the super liner five train cars that recently returned to service, pulled again, the car's new bolts need to be fixed. >> community college of philadelphia, is offering a special involvement day for former itt tech students. they'll provide information on admissions, financial aid, and counselling. >> that's three to go, let's get last check on weather and traffic? >> looking ahead to very pleasant weather overall, former quick shot. i mean, beautiful outside, right? do still have cloud cover depending where you are, sun is up now, will do it part to help warm things up, tomorrow hot day, feels like fall, by thursday, meisha. >> opposite in the world of travel guys. it is crazy busy. accident the schuylkill eastbound past girard, all lanes still block. back up, take a look at city
6:59 am
avenue, extending even out to the boulevard right now, not to mention bad accident on the blue route passing saint david's and villanova. >> burger adding cheetos to its popular chicken fries. >> why snot? new cheetos chicken fries makes the debut today, covered in cheesey cheetos breading, i think it sounds good. jim doesn't. either way it, goes for 2.89. >> check out these instagram picks posted by lancaster county college student visiting home, said he's had it with his mom. >> said mom always asks to bring snack after bed time. when he gets there she is always asleep. this has gone viral. nick disappointed hoping this would keep her awake. >> well, next on cbs this morning, charlie roads speaks with former president bill clinton about his wife, donald trump and more. have a great day.
7:00 am
♪ good morning, it is tuesday, september 13th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." former president bill clinton talks with charlie rose about the health of his wife, the presidential campaign and the clinton foundation. donald trump lashes out at hillary clinton for calling many of his supporters deplorable. plus, growing fears about the dangers of batteries that power everything from cell phones to children's toys. we'll demonstrate how the small lithium ion devices can spark dangerous explosions. and only on "cbs this morning," the president of the ncaa is in studio 57 with the decision to pull all championship events from north carolina because of a


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